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Ruote Undercover

Undercover Dual Density Ruote Pattini 4-pack

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The Dual Density wheel from UC has a story that goes back 15 years. In 1997 Tribe, the company that owned Senate, 976 and Medium, launched a new brand, SCR Super Computer Robot. The SCR wheels which where the first Dual Density wheels, never made it out of the prototype state due to market slowdown.

Today UC has gotten hold of the chemist that made the DD happen. Together they have built Undercover Dual density wheels.

In short Dual Density gives you added grip & shock dampening while lasting longer!


  • 58mm
  • Core with soft inside and a hard outer PU for Extra long life
  • Special mechanical and chemical compounds
  • Dual pour
  • More rebound than any other wheel in existence allowing for previously unmatched speed
  • Suspension and shock absorbing function
  • More grip on corners thanks to more footprint
  • Made in the USA
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A bit disappointed as it makes very little difference with usual harder wheels.
Sébastien M. (Solliès-Pont)
Valutazione 2 z 5!
Risposta da SkatePro:  Sorry the product did not match your expectations. We would love in the future to advice you perhaps for other products that would fit better your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us :-) /Soraya
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